Gustav Englund

Game design Student with a passion for systemic-design

About me:

With a background in hospitality and restaurants I am now studying game design with Futuregames in Boden, Norrbotten Sweden.

I am a technically minded designer who usually approaches design problems from a systems perspective.



Design Fields


Game Projects:


Deliver food in this Frogger inspired game, set in a hectic cyber-punk city.

Role: Project Owner, Team Leader, Technical Designer

Game Project 2

To be developed

Game Project 2

To be developed

Game Project 2

To be developed

Game Jams:

Save the World

A short puzzle-platformer where saving the world is a core mechanic.

Role: Team Leader, Programmer

War Croquet

A small game where Super-Mario meets Golf with Friends.

Solo projects/School Assignments:

Hello Worms

Fun 2-4 player hot-seat multiplayer action with three different weapons.

Role: Project Owner, Team Leader, Programmer

Procedural Meshes

As a big fan of how many games allows players to manipulate the game environment, I have experimented with procedural mesh-generation.