Vanta is an atmospheric co-op puzzle game centered on a core mechanic that allows one of the players to move through walls and objects while not in light. The other player plays as the light source. The puzzles are solved my the players manouvering syncronously through the level, uncovering new paths.

I am very proud of how we managed to create such an immersive and beautiful game.  As product owner I focused heavily on trying to gather the team around the game aestethics from the get go.

Vanta is quite unique in it's art-style and gameplay so there was only limited inspirationt be had by watching other games , instead I organized workshops with smaller groups within the team. This allowed the vision of the game to grow organically from within the team.

During early production I did the first prototype of the core mechanic in C# after that I took a more directive role. I spent quite a lot of time mentoring designers and programmers making sure that the game was cohesive and that the team was working in the same direction.

Vanta has recieved a very warm reception from the jury, our peers and teachers as well as anyone who has tested it. It has over 200 views and 30+ downloads on

Vanta also made the Draft-selection in The Rookies GOTY 2023.

Link to game download:

Explore together but play as opposites

Solve puzzles as you explore

When there is no light, the Shadow player can move through walls

Discover a forgotten civilization and a common history