About Me

My name is Gustav Englund I am 33 years old and I'm looking to start a second career in games. Before I started my education with Futuregames I have accumulated 12-years of experience design and production in hospitality and tourism, mainly in ski-resorts and restaurants.

I started of as a dishwasher during summer and ski-instructor in winter. After a few years I shifted to waiting tables in the evenings and skiing or hiking during the day-time. Being outside and on adventures in the mountains or on the sea is really where I come alive.

After several years in different parts of the swedish mountain range I started 3-year education at Umeå University about tourism-development. It was during this time I was introduced to GIS-software (Geographical-Information-Systems) and I started dabbling with some Python-programming and I made my first games using the PyGame library.

After my education I went back to at restaurants and I was doing one final winter in the mountains when Covid-19 hit. During 2020 and early 2021 I decided to go back to University this time studying master level courses related to GIS.  During this time I spent more time practicing and developing my programming skills and I started to actually contemplate a change of careers to someting within tech, preferably games.

2021 and 2022 I worked as a manager for a Sea-Food restaurant outside the Umeå metropolitan area. It was hard work but we where also very successful. We managed to bring the business back from the severe trouble that Covid-19 had caused.

After two years as a manager and ten years on the floor I felt pretty done with the restaurant business. I loved it and will miss it (espescially the food and the wine) but I wanted new challenges, primarily on an intellectual level and also 12 years of working nights, weekends and holidays becomes a drag.

I started my education at Futuregames in Boden in fall 2022 and I've been loving it since. I get to dive deeper into programming and game-development which I had only done in my spare time before. I also realised that the skills I bring from my previous career regarding team-work, communication and leadership were extremely relevant and they have helped me immensily during the game projects we've done so far.

Elden Ring is based on a culmination of everything we've done with the Dark Souls series and with our games thus far. 

Hidetaka Miazaki

Gamesradar 11/8 2022

Starting spring 2024 I am looking for a team to join for internship and hopefully also to continue to grow with for the next few years.  

I choose to include the quote from Hidetaka Miazaki (Director of Elden Ring) because I think it summarizes a philosophy that I am a fan of. Of course I am also a big fan of the FromSoftware games themselves but I really admire the way that FromSoftware has been putting out games that have been growing along with the studio has been growing. Every new game they have put out since Demon Souls (2009) shows clearly that the studio is learning and refining their skills continually over the years. This of course led to the massive success of Elden Ring 11 years later. 

I would love to find a team where I can grow over time together with the team. I want to put out amazing games that rocks the world. Even if it takes 11 years.