Time Blitz

Time Blitz is a fast based movement shooter with the twist that whenever the player dies they go back in time and play alongside past versions of themselves.

During the project development I worked as Scrum Master, Release Master and I had ownership of the core Time Replay system.

With C++ I made the Gamemode, Gameinstance, and BaseCharacter classes that handled the recording and replaying which others then extended to make the player, enemy and "Hologram" classes. I also made the Checkpoint and Encounter management systems. All of these classes where extensively expanded by the entire team in both C++ and Blueprint.

Towards the end of the project I shifted towards implementing a narrative delivery system and also wrote the few voicelines that are in the game.

I made the blockout for the Tutorial Level, Level 3 and the Final Level as well as set dressing for the Tutorial.

Finally I made the environmental effects when the two final levels explode towards the end of the game.

Link to itch.io page:  https://futuregames.itch.io/timeblitz

High Mobility Shooter

Rewind Time and Co-op across Timelines

Fast Paced Gunplay

Simple Narrative where all Explodes