During the first gameproject of my education at Futuregames we made Foodroid. The theme of the gameproject was future mobility.

We were a team of eight for a period of two weeks. Two designers, two programmers, two artists and two QA. My role was team leader and product owner. My contributions to the project was coding the core gameplay elements: character controller, camera, movement and power-up systems.

The movement system came out well and hooked into the power-ups in a satisfying manor. Because I took a systemic approach to the movement system the power-ups interact when activated and this creates fun an unexpected behaviors.

Learning outcomes from this project was primarily that this was the first time I ever worked in a larger group. I am very proud of this game considering the time-frame of the project. I left the project feeling empowered in the knowledge that a lot of my soft-skills from my past working experiences are valid and useful when making games.

We also recieved a lot of good feedback on the movement system, of which I had ownership.

Link to game download: 

The Core game depends heavily on the movement being fun.  I made custom physics in order to get it just right.

The Jump powerup was a little bit inspired by the Chainsaw from Doom. Remove one threat from the equation.

Speed Powerup was inspired by MarioKart mushrooms. Risk/Reward.

Jump and Speed powerups enable fun combo move. Thanks to momentum-based implementation.