Soaring Storm

When we started productoin of Soaring Storm it was clear that the team wanted to make a game where the gameplay was front and center. From a design standpoint we wanted to make a combat system that allowed for skill expression and tactical choices.

Soaring Storm is all about flying fast and combining chain-lighning attacks with crowd-control abilities as well as maintaining astrategic path planning through the level in order to be in the right place at the right time.

My contributions to the project can be summarized in a few key roles:

 I was project lead and led the daily stand-ups as well as weekly retrospectives and scrum meetings.

I designed and implemented the character, camera and controls. From paper-prototype to C++ code.

As project owner I kept the priorities of the tasks and was responsible for creative direction.

Close-Call mechanic rewards risky manouvers with a speed boost

Boid enemies + Chain Lightning = Explosions

Secondary abilities that synergise with primary Chain Lightning

Accumulate Combo to unleash a powerful Finishing Move